Jeremiah Owyang initiated this international event in 2010 as a way of recognizing the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to create and manage online communities. 

Jeremiah wrote this about community management in 2010 but it's still just as relevant eight years later:

"Yet, Community Managers Don’t Have it Easy Yet despite their admirable intentions, we know they face several uphill challenges:

  • Many challenges are internal: Most companies want to hide customer issues, and shuffle them into existing support systems. Additionally, measuring ROI in new media when a company wants to keep the kimono shut, increasingly becomes a challenge.
  • Seemingly never ending job: Customers never stop having problems, and with the global internet, the questions, complains, and inquires never stop.
  • Emotional drain impacts lifestyle: The sheer emotional strain of dealing with a hundreds of yelling customers and the occasional trouble maker will take a strain on anyone.
  • Privacy risks in the world of transparency: In an effort to build trust with customers, they expose their real name exposing their personal –and family– privacy forever on."

CMAD recognition has since been led/run by various groups of volunteers and evolved across various platforms--the most recent of which is this one! True to community manager life, launching a new site/online community while also keeping up with jobs, family, life, has been a labor of love and, despite our best intentions, is still a work in progress.

So welcome to the new CMAD site/online community and pardon our beta! Our hope is to build out this community over the next year and engage some new volunteers to help shape a super cool CMAD 2019, while in the meantime showcasing the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to foster vibrant online communities.